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1 - Declaration of Members’ Interest


2 - Resolutions

Document Type 02 Equalities Briefing Note.pdf


3 - Minute of Meeting of 31 August, 2021

Document Type 03 2021 08 31 FAC Minute draft.pdf


4A - Full Planning Permission for Erection of 3 Dwellinghouses, Site to The North West of Watersreach, Collieston, Ellon

Planning document - APP/2020/1936

Document Type 04A APP 2020-1936.pdf


4B - Full Planning Permission for Erection of Dwellinghouse and Garage, Site 16, Waulkmill, Ythanbank

Planning document - APP/2021/1153

Document Type 04B APP 2021-1153.pdf


5A - Local Review Body Decisions

Planning document - APP/2020/0829

Document Type 05A LRB Notice 509 APP 2020 0829.pdf


5B - Local Review Body Decisions

Planning document - APP/2020/1533

Document Type 05B LRB Notice 519 APP 2020 1533.pdf


5C - Local Review Body Decisions

Planning document - APP/2020/2073

Document Type 05C LRB Notice 522 APP 2020 2373.pdf


6 - Disabled Person Parking Place Formartine 2021

Document Type 06 Disabled Person Parking Place Formartine 2021.pdf


7 - Draft Local Flood Risk Management Strategies and Plan for The North East Local Plan District

Document Type 07 Draft Local Flood Risk Management Plan for the North East District.pdf


8 - Town Centre First Principle

Document Type 08 Town Centre First Principle Policy Review Formartine.pdf


9 - Strategic Housing Investment Plan 2022-2027

Document Type 09 Strategic Housing Investment Plan 2022-2027.pdf


10 - Aberdeenshire Council Built Heritage Strategy 2018-21 Review and Built Heritage Strategy 2021-22

Document Type 10 Built Heritage Strategy Review 2018-21 & Strategy 2021-24.pdf


11 - Aberdeenshire Council Outdoor Access Strategy 2018-21 Review and Outdoor Access Strategy 2021-24

Document Type 11 Outdoor Access Strategy.pdf


12 - Consultation on the Draft Risk Management Policy

Document Type 12 Draft Risk Management Policy Consultation.pdf


13 - Area Performance Framework and Performance Indicators

Document Type 13 Area Performance Framework and PIs.pdf


14 - Area Committee Budget 2021-2022 – Applications for Funding

Document Type 14 FAC Area Budget Funding Application.pdf


15 - Appointment to Outside Body - Formartine Area Partnership (SCIO)

Document Type 15 Nomination to Outside Body.pdf


16 - Statement of Outstanding Business

Document Type 16 SOB 21 09 21.pdf

Committee Chair and Vice Chair

Isobel Davidson
Ellon and District
Scottish Liberal Democrat
Committee Chair

Iain Taylor
Turriff and District
Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Committee Vice Chair

Committee members

Sandy Duncan
Turriff and District

Alastair Forsyth
Turriff and District

Jim Gifford
Aligned Independent

Andrew Hassan
Scottish Liberal Democrat

Paul Johnston
Democratic Independent and Green Group

Anouk Kloppert
Ellon and District

Louise McAllister
Ellon and District

Gillian Owen
Ellon and District
Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Sheila Powell
Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Anne Stirling
Turriff and District
Scottish Liberal Democrat

Formartine Area Committee