Meeting details

  • Buchan Area Committee
  • Buchan Area Committee 18/04/2023
  • 18 April 2023 - 10:00AM
  • This meeting will be fully virtual, livestreamed, recorded and uploaded online afterward. Recordings will be uploaded to Youtube and deleted after 6 months from the date of the meeting.
  • Contact: Theresa Wood


Meeting Minutes


BAC Minute of 18 04 23.pdf



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Agenda Items


0 - Link to Recording

To view the recordings of this meeting - 

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1a - Agenda Cover

Document Type Buchan Agenda Cover 18 04 23.pdf


1b - Sederunt and Declarations of Members' Interests


2a - Public Sector Equality Duty - Guidance for Members (attached)

Document Type Item 2 - Equalities.pdf


2b - Consider and, if so decide, adopt the following resolution -

“That, under Sections 50A (4) and (5) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, as amended, the public and media representatives be excluded from the meeting for Item 11 on account of the likely disclosure of exempt information of the classes described in the relevant Paragraph(s) of Part 1 of Schedule 7A of the Act”


3 - Draft Minute of 14th March 2023

Document Type Item 3 - Draft Minute of 14 03 23.pdf



New Planning Applications


4a - Full Planning Permission for Erection of Dwellinghouse at Site 2 adjacent to Fosk House, Hatton

Planning document - APP/2022/0981

Document Type Item 4a - APP-2022-0981 - Site 2 Fosk House Hatton.pdf


4b - Full Planning Permission for Erection of Dwellinghouse at Site 3 adjacent to Fosk House, Hatton

Planning document - APP/2022/0982

Document Type Item 4b - APP-2022-0982 - Site 3 Fosk House Hatton.pdf


4c - Full Planning Permission for Erection of Dwellinghouse at Plot 1, Land adjacent to Hyfield Lodge, Hatton

Planning document - APP/2022/2019

Document Type Item 4c - APP-2022-2019 - Plot 1 Highfield Lodge Hatton.pdf


4d - Full Planning Permission for Erection of Dwellinghouse Site at Kirkhill, Kininmonth, Peterhead

Planning document - APP/2022/2298

Document Type Item 4d - APP-2022-2298 - Kirkhill Kininmonth.pdf


4e - Planning Permission in Principle for Erection of Dwellinghouse At Site South of 6 Drinnies Drive, Mintlaw

Planning document - APP/2022/2680

Document Type Item 4e - APP-2022-2680 - 6 Drinnies Drive Mintlaw.pdf


4f - Planning Permission in Principle for Erection of Dwellinghouse at Site to the West of Beechwood, Inverugie, Peterhead

Planning document - APP/2022/2688

Document Type Item 4f - APP-2022-2688 Site to West of Beechwood Inverugie.pdf


5 - Appeal – Planning Application Reference APP/2022/1363 Erection of Dwellinghouse at Site adjacent to Burnside View, Peterhead

Planning document - APP/2022/1363

Document Type Item 5 - Appeal Decision - APP-2022-1363 - Burnside View Peterhead.pdf


6 - Road Inspection Policy Review

Document Type Item 6 - Road Inspection Policy Review.pdf


7 - Housing Voids Monitoring

Document Type Item 7 - Housing Voids Monitoring.pdf


8 - Tenant Participation Update

Document Type Item 8 - Tenant Participation Update.pdf




9 - Scottish Fire and Rescue Service - Performance Report for Quarter 3 - 1st October to 31st December 2022

Document Type Item 9 - SFRS Q3 - 1st October-31st December 2022.pdf


10 - Statement of Outstanding Business as at 6th April 2023

Document Type Item 10 - Statement of Outstanding Business 06 04 23.pdf


Committee may wish to consider the following item with the Press and Public excluded



(EXEMPT) 11 - LLA Directorate Procurement Plan - Additional Procurement Approval

(Exempt Under Paragraph 8)

Exempt information in terms of Paragraph 8 of Schedule 7A to the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, which relates to the amount of any expenditure proposed to be incurred by the authority under any particular contract for the acquisition of property or the supply of goods or services provided that disclosure to the public of the amount there referred to would be likely to give an advantage to a person or organisation entering, or seeking to enter, a contract with the Council

Committee Chair and Vice Chair

Dianne Beagrie
Peterhead North and Rattray
Committee Chair

Anne Simpson
Central Buchan
Scottish Liberal Democrat
Committee Vice Chair

Committee members

Alan Buchan
Peterhead North and Rattray

Geoff Crowson
Central Buchan

George Hall
Peterhead South and Cruden

Matthew James
Peterhead North and Rattray
Scottish Conservative and Unionist

David Mair
Central Buchan

Leeann McWhinnie
Peterhead North and Rattray

Hannah Powell
Central Buchan
Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Colin Simpson
Peterhead South and Cruden
Scottish Liberal Democrat

Stephen Smith
Peterhead South and Cruden

Buchan Area Committee