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0 - Recording of Meeting:

Recording of Meeting


1 - Appointment of Chair


2 - Welcome and introductions


3 - Equalities

Document Type 03 - Equalities Agenda note.pdf


4 - Minutes of meeting of 26 January 2022

Document Type 04 - NESAAG minute final 26.1.22.pdf


5 - Matters arising


6 - Presentation: Agriculture policy update by Steven Thomson, Senior Agricultural Economist, SRUC


7 - Presentation: Shaping the Future by Prof Lee-Ann Sutherland, Director of the International Land Use Study Centre, James Hutton Institute


8 - Presentation: Food, Drink and Agriculture activity by Peter Cook, Director, Food, Drink and Agriculture, Opportunity North East


9 - Report: NESAAG Partnership Review

Document Type 09 - NESAAG Report Partnership Review 7.9.22.pdf


10 - Report: Arrangements for future meetings

Document Type 10 - NESAAG report Arrangement of future meetings 7.9.22.pdf


11 - Bulletin: New agricultural bill consultation

Document Type 11 - NESAAG bulletin New Agriculture Bill Consultation 7.9.pdf


12 - Bulletin: Livestock feed loss issue

Document Type 12 - NESAAG bulletin Livestock feed loss issue 7.pdf


13 - AOB


14 - Date of next meeting:

  • 10.00 on Wednesday 23 November 2022


Committee Chair and Vice Chair

Jeff Goodhall
Huntly, Strathbogie and Howe of Alford
Scottish Liberal Democrat
Committee Chair

Committee members

Geva Blackett
Aboyne, Upper Deeside and Donside

Alison Evison

Fatima Joji
Westhill and District

Hannah Powell
Central Buchan
Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Iain Taylor
Turriff and District
Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Iris Walker
Westhill and District
Scottish Liberal Democrat

North East Scotland Agriculture Advisory Group