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Agenda Documents


2018 09 26 Agenda Pack Public.pdf



Microsoft Word

Agenda Items


1 - Declaration of Members’ Interests


2 - Statement on Equalities

Document Type (00a) Equalities Agenda Note.pdf


3 - Minute of Board Meeting of 7 June 2018

Document Type (03) Minute of 07 06 18.pdf


4 - Update from Chair of the CPP Executive

Document Type (04) Chair of Executive's Update.pdf


5 - CPP Membership Structure and Terms of Reference - Review 2018

Document Type (05) CPP Membership Structure and ToR Report.pdf


6 - Community Plannning Partnership Board Administration Arrangements

Document Type (06) CPP Board Administration Report.pdf


7 - Partnership Mapping Presentation

Verbal Presentation


8 - Update on Delivery of the Aberdeenshire Local Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP)

Document Type (08) LOIP Update FINAL September 2018.pdf


9 - Aberdeenshire Local Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP) and Locality Planning Annual Reporting

Document Type (09) LOIP Annual Reporting.pdf


10 - First Annual Report on Community Justice in Aberdeenshrie (2017/18)

Document Type (10) CPP Board - Community Justice Annual Report.pdf

Committee members

Jim Gifford
Aligned Independent

Anouk Kloppert
Ellon and District

Glen Reynolds
Banff and District

Anne Stirling
Turriff and District
Scottish Liberal Democrat

Substitute Members

Cllr Anne Allan, Cllr Victoria Harper, Cllr Anne Simpson, Cllr Sandy Wallace,

Aberdeenshire Community Planning Board