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Meeting Minutes


NESFDP Minute of Meeting 11 06 21 - approved.pdf



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Agenda Items


1 - Welcome and introductions


2 - Equalities

Document Type 02 - Equalities.pdf


3 - Minute of Meeting 19 February 2021

Document Type 03 - NESFDP Draft Minute of 19 02 21.pdf


4 - Matters arising


5 - Presentation: Seafood Transformation Project update by Peter Cook, Food, Drink and Agriculture Director, Opportunity North East


6 - Presentation: 2021 Catching Opportunities for the Demersal Fleet by Mike Park, Chief Executive, Scottish Whitefish Producers Association


7 - Seafood processing sector update including Seafood Scotland initiatives to boost domestic sales of Scottish landed seafood by Donna Fordyce, Head of Seafood Scotland


8 - Bulletin: Promotion of locally produced seafood

Document Type 08 - NESFDP Bulletin Promotion of locally produced seafood.pdf


9 - Bulletin: EFRA report: meat and seafood exports to the EU

Document Type 09 - NESFDP Bulletin EFRA report.pdf


10 - Bulletin: Structural funding programmes for the fisheries sector

Document Type 10 - NESFDP Bulletin Structural Funds for Fisheries 11.6.pdf


11 - Industry reports and round table round-up


12 - AOB (KIMO)


13 - Dates of next meetings

1pm on Friday, 12 November 2021

Committee members

Dianne Beagrie
Peterhead North and Rattray

Ann Bell
Fraserburgh and District
Scottish Liberal Democrat

Mark Findlater
Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Alastair Forsyth
Turriff and District

Seamus Logan
Fraserburgh and District

North East Scotland Fisheries Development Partnership