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Meeting Minutes


(07) 16 11 03 s&a minutes.pdf



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Agenda Items


1 - Declaration of Members’ Interests


2 - Resolutions

(A)       Public Sector Equality Duty

Consider, and if so decided, adopt the following resolution:-

(1)       to have due regard to the need to:-

(a)       eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation;

(b)       advance equality of opportunity between those who share a protected characteristic and persons who do not share it; and

(c)        foster good relations between those who share a protected characteristic and persons who do not share it.

(2)       where an Equality Impact Assessment is provided, to consider its contents and take those into account when reaching a decision.

(B)       Exempt Information

Consider and, if so decide, adopt the following resolution:-

That under Sections 50A (4) and (5) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, as amended, the public and media representatives be excluded from the meeting for Item 3 of the business on account of the likely disclosure of exempt information of the classes described in paragraphs 1, 12 & 14 of Part 1 of Schedule 7A of the Act.


(EXEMPT) 3 - Internal Audit Reports (Exempt) - Report by Chief Internal Auditor

(EXEMPT under paragraphs 1, 12 and 14)


4 - Internal Audit Reports (Public) - Report by Chief Internal Auditor

Document Type 04 - Internal Audit Report - Public.pdf


5 - 2015/16 End Year Flexibility Requests – Update as at 30 September 2016

Document Type 05 - SAC End Year Flexibility Update 2015-16 Requestsv2.pdf


6 - Outturn Review of Performance of the Treasury Management Function for the Period 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016

Document Type 06 - Review of the performance of the Treasury Function 2015-16 sacv2 (version 2).pdf


7 - Scrutiny and Audit Committee Investigation Update

Document Type 07 - SACWorkProgramme.pdf


8 - Notes on Scrutiny and Audit Committee Timesheet Call-in (Travel and Subsistence, Agency Staff and Fixed Term Workers Workshop

Document Type 08 - SAC-Call-in Notes.pdf


9 - Progress with Actions from Previous Scrutiny and Audit Committee Meetings

Document Type 09 - Actions from Previous Meetings Draft 03 11 16 V2.pdf

Committee Chair and Vice Chair

Gillian Owen
Ellon and District
Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Committee Chair

Ross Cassie
Committee Vice Chair

Committee members

Peter Bellarby
Scottish Liberal Democrat

Nan Cullinane
Scottish Liberal Democrat

Jim Ingram

John Latham
Scottish Liberal Democrat

Gwyneth Petrie
Huntly, Strathbogie and Howe of Alford

Cryle Shand

Bryan Stuart

Ian Tait
Unaligned Independent

Michael Watt
Aligned Independent

Scrutiny and Audit Committee (from Jan 2007 to Jan 2017)