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Meeting Minutes


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Agenda Items


1 - Declaration of Members’ Interests


2 - Resolutions

(A)      Public Sector Equality Duty


Consider, and if so decided, adopt the following resolution:-

(1)      to have due regard to the need to:-

(a)      eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation;

(b)      advance equality of opportunity between those who share a protected characteristic and persons who do not share it; and

(c)      foster good relations between those who share a protected characteristic and persons who do not share it.


(2)      where an Equality Impact Assessment is provided, to consider its contents and take those into account when reaching a decision.

(B)      Exempt Information

Consider and, if so decided, adopt the following resolution:-

That under Sections 50A (4) and (5) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, as amended, the public and media representatives be excluded from the meeting for items 20 to 41 of the business on account of the likely disclosure of exempt information of the classes described in the relevant Paragraphs of Part 1 of Schedule 7A of the Act.

Document Type (02) Equalities Agenda Note.pdf




3 - Service Plan 2016-2019 - Business Services (Aberdeenshire Performs)

Document Type (03) Business Services Service Plan.pdf


4 - Revenue Budget Monitoring as at 31 January, 2016

Document Type (04) Revenue Budget Monitoring.pdf


5 - Non-Housing Revenue Account Capital Budget Monitoring 2015/16 and Capital Plan Update 2015-2031

Document Type (05) Capital Budget Monitoring.pdf


6 - Treasury Management Strategy Statement and Prudential Indicators 2016/17

Document Type (06) Treasury Management Strategy.pdf


7 - Revisions to Financial Regulations

Document Type (07) Revisions to Financial Regulations.pdf


8 - Print Policy

Document Type (08) Print Policy.pdf


9 - Equalities Mainstreaming and Outcomes Six Monthly Report

Document Type (09) Equalities Mainstreaming Outcomes Report.pdf


10 - HR&OD Policy Revision

Document Type (10) HR&OD Policy Revision.pdf


11 - Geographical Information Systems Replacement

Document Type (11) GIS System Replacement.pdf


12 - Planned Maintenance Programme 2016/17

Document Type (12) Planned Maintenance Programme.pdf


13 - Revised Community Asset Transfer (CAT) Policy and Revised Surplus Property Policy

Document Type (13) Community Asset Transfer (CAT) Policy.pdf


14 - Health and Social Care Integration

Document Type (14) HSC Appts Sub-Committee.pdf




15 - Bornholm Energy Conference and Tour 2016

Document Type (15) Bornholm Energy Conference.pdf


16 - Offshore Europe 2017

Document Type (16) Offshore Europe 2017.pdf


17 - Extension of Additional Support Needs (ASN) School Transport Framework Agreement

Document Type (17) Extension of ASN School Transport.pdf


18 - European Funding Programmes

Document Type (18) European Funding Programmes.pdf




19 - Internal Audit Reports

Document Type (19) Internal Audit-Public.pdf


(EXEMPT) 20 - Internal Audit Reports


(EXEMPT) 21 - Extension to the E-Learning Software Licence (ALDO)


(EXEMPT) 22 - Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)


(EXEMPT) 23 - Replacement of All-Weather Pitch, Catto Park, Peterhead - Contract 17526


(EXEMPT) 24 - Ballater Station Re-Instatement


(EXEMPT) 25 - Contract 17273 - Fraserburgh Academy - Partial Roof Upgrade


(EXEMPT) 26 - Former Mearns Academy Site


(EXEMPT) 27 - Independent Professional Support


(EXEMPT) 28 - Modley House, Ellon, Sheltered Housing Upgrade


(EXEMPT) 29 - Home Energy Efficiency Programmes For Scotland: Area Based Scheme (HEEPS: ABS) and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Funding Project


(EXEMPT) 30 - Dormer and Porch Upgrades Central & South


(EXEMPT) 31 - Windows and Doors Replacements - Contract 17940 North and Central, Contract 17941 South, Contract 17942 East


(EXEMPT) 32 - Bathroom and Sheltered Housing Bathrooms


(EXEMPT) 33 - Kitchen Replacement - Contract 17937 North and Central, Contract 17938 South and East


(EXEMPT) 34 - Banchory Sports Centre Gateway Stage 2


(EXEMPT) 35 - Property Maintenance Review


(EXEMPT) 36 - HRA Heating Upgrade


(EXEMPT) 37 - Framework Approval - Scotland Excel Security Services and Equipment Framework 08-14


(EXEMPT) 38 - Contract Increase in Price - Treatment of Co-Mingled Recyclate


(EXEMPT) 39 - Award of Contracts - Treatment of Organic (Food) Waste


(EXEMPT) 40 - Award of Contract - Installation of Ground Monitoring Boreholes


(EXEMPT) 41 - Acceptance of Tender - Vehicle and Plant Replacements




42(a) - Minute of Meeting of the Licensing Sub-Committee of 12 February, 2016

Document Type (a) 12.02.pdf


42(b) - Minute of Meeting of the Gypsy/Traveller Sub-Committee of 9 March, 2016

Document Type (b) 09.03.pdf

Committee Chair and Vice Chair

Richard Thomson
Committee Chair

Stephen Smith
Peterhead South and Cruden
Committee Vice Chair

Committee members

Alastair Bews
Alba Party

Karen Clark
Scottish Liberal Democrat

Richard Cowling

Jim Gifford
East Garioch

Paul Johnston

Stuart Pratt

Norman Smith
Aligned Independent

Brian Topping
Alba Party

Jill Webster

Substitute Members

Cllr Wendy Agnew, Cllr David Aitchison , Cllr Peter Argyle, Cllr Alan Buchan, Cllr Edie Chapman, Cllr John Cox, Cllr Isobel Davidson, Cllr Alison Evison, Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Bill Howatson, Cllr Rob Merson, Cllr Ian Mollison, Cllr Hamish Partridge, Cllr Bryan Stuart,

Policy and Resources Committee (from Jan 2007 to Jan 2017)