Upcoming meeting

Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee 11 December 2018 (Click for documents)

Formartine Area Committee 11/12/2018 (Click for documents)

Central Aberdeenshire Licensing Board 12/12/2018 (Click for documents)

Integration Joint Board 12/12/2018 (Click for documents)

Pre-Determination Hearing - APP/2018/1814 – Erection of 550 homes (Up to 500 Residential Units and a Minimum of 50 Leisure/Resort Units), Community Facilities (Class 10 Non-residential Institutions and Class 11 Assembly and Leisure), Development Falling Within Class 1 (Shops), Class 2 (Financial, Professional and Other Services), Class 3 (Food and Drink), Landscaping and Supporting Infrastructure 12/12/2018 (Click for documents)

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