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Meeting Minutes


Minute of Licensing Board Oct 2017-.pdf



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Agenda Items


0 - Notice and Agenda

Document Type Notice and Agenda.pdf


1 - Apologies


2 - Statement of Equalities

Consider, and if so decided, adopt:- “In line with the Council’s legal duty under section 149 of the Equality Act 2010 the Board, in making decisions on the attached reports, shall have due regard to the need to”:-


(i)         eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation;

(ii)        advance equality of opportunity between those who share a protected characteristic and persons who do not share it; and

            (iii)       foster good relations between those who share a protected                          characteristic and persons who do not share it.

Document Type 110215-item2-Equalities.pdf


3 - Minute of Board Meeting of 30 August, 2017

Document Type Item 3 - Minute of Licensing Board Aug 2017.pdf


4 - Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 Application for Premises Licences - Non-Contentious

Document Type Item 4 - Non-Contentious new premises Licences October 2017.pdf


5 - Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 Application for Major Variation of Premises Licences - Non-Contentious Applications - For Consideration

Document Type Item 5 - Major Variations Cover Report - Non-Contentious.pdf


(EXEMPT) 6 - Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 - Application for Personal Licence - Andrew Bruce McManus - Review Hearing




(EXEMPT) 7 - (i)1874, Aberchirder - Request for Extended Closure


7(ii) - Chief Constable's Report to North Aberdeenshire Licensing Board 2016/17

Document Type Item 7(ii) - Chief Constable Report North Aberdeenshire 2016 17.pdf


7(iii) - Board Report on Locality for Overprovision Statement (including responses to consultation)

Document Type Item 7(iii) - Responses to consultation for Board report on locality for overprovision statement.pdf


7(iv) - Policy Statement Review Timeline

Document Type Item 7(iv) - POLICY STATEMENT REVIEW TIMELINE - Update for Board.pdf


7(v) - North Board Annual Statistics Report

Document Type Item 7(v) - NORTH BOARD - ANNUAL STATS REPORT (Working Version).pdf


7(vi) - Liquor Licensing Policy Review - Issues

Document Type Item 7(vi) - Liquor Licensing Policy Review - Issues.pdf


7(vii) - Proposed North Board Dates 2018/2019

Document Type Item 7(vii) - Proposed North Board Dates 2018-2019.pdf


8 - Date of Next Meeting - Wednesday, 20 December, 2017

Committee members

Stephen Calder
Peterhead South and Cruden

Sandy Duncan
Turriff and District

Alastair Forsyth
Turriff and District

Glen Reynolds
Banff and District

Michael Roy
Banff and District

Anne Stirling
Turriff and District
Scottish Liberal Democrat

Iain Taylor
Turriff and District

Brian Topping
Fraserburgh and District

Licensing Board - North