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Agenda Items


1 - Welcome, Introductions and Declarations of Interest


2 - Minute of Meeting 1 June, 2016

Document Type 02 - NESAAG minute 1 June 2016.pdf


3 - Matters Arising


4 - Presentation: Digital Connectivity in Aberdeenshire by Roddy Matheson, Service Manager - Industry Sectors, Aberdeenshire Council


5 - Opportunity North East and the Local Dairy Sector by Peter Cook, Director of Agriculture Food and Drink (Verbal Update)


6 - Presentation: Brexit and the Implications for Farming and the Rural Economy of Scotland by Prof Michael Keating, Director of the of ESRC Centre on Constitutional Change


7 - Update on Ringlink Rural Internship by Peter Wood, Training Manager, Ringlink Services Ltd


8 - Bulletin Report: Scottish Farm Advisory Service

Document Type 08 - Bulletin Report.pdf


9 - Any Other Competent Business


10 - Proposed Dates for Future Meetings: