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2016 12 14 CPP Agenda Pack Public.pdf



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Agenda Items


1 - Declaration of Members’ Interests


2 - Statement on Equalities

Consider, and if so decided, adopt the following resolution:-

(1)       to have due regard to the need to:-

(a)       eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation;

(b)       advance equality of opportunity between those who share a protected characteristic and persons who do not share it; and

(c)        foster good relations between those who share a protected characteristic and persons who do not share it.

(2)       where an Equality Impact Assessment is provided, to consider its contents and take those into account when reaching a decision.


3 - Minutes of Board Meeting of 28 September 2016

Document Type (03a) Minute of 28 September Meeting.pdf


4 - Local Outcomes Improvement Plan Update

Document Type (04) Local Outcomes Update.pdf


5 - SOA Focus Report: Economic Recovery & Growth

Document Type (05) SOA Focus Economic Growth.pdf


6 - SOA Focus Report: Safer Communities and Reducing Reoffending

Document Type (06) SOA Focus CS and RR.pdf


7 - SOA Focus Report: Transport

Document Type (07) SOA Focus Transport.pdf


8 - CLD Annual Report


9 - Community Planning Partnership Review - Progress Update

Document Type (09) CPP Review Report.pdf


10 - Financial Contributions 2017/18


11 - Third Sector Liaison Meeting Minutes

Document Type (11) Third Sector Liaison.pdf


12 - Financial Monitoring 2016/17

Document Type (12) Financial Monitoring.pdf

Committee members

Karen Clark
Banchory and Mid-Deeside
Scottish Liberal Democrat

Alison Evison
North Kincardine
Scottish Labour

Jim Gifford

Richard Thomson
Ellon and District

Aberdeenshire Community Planning Board