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Meeting Minutes


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Agenda Items


1 - Declarations of Members’ Interests


2 - Statement on Equalities

Document Type Equalities Agenda Note.pdf


3 - Police Scotland: Performance Monitoring and Operational Update

Document Type (3) Police Scotland Performance Monitoring rpt.pdf


4 - Scottish Fire & Rescue Service: Performance Report (1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015)

Document Type (4) SFRS Performance Report.pdf


5 - Scottish Fire & Rescue Service: Future Performance Reporting Format

Document Type (5) SFRS Future Performance Reporting Format rpt.pdf


6 - Scottish Fire & Rescue Service Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Document Type (6) SFRS Strategic Plan 2016-2019 rpt.pdf


7 - Road Casualty Reduction

Document Type (7) Road Casualty Reduction rpt.pdf


8 - Business Services’ Quarterly Performance Reporting and Year-End Review of Projects (April 2014-March 2015)

Document Type (8) Business Services Quarterly Performance etc rpt.pdf


9 - Discretionary Housing Payment Update

Document Type (9) Discretionary Housing Payment rpt.pdf


10 - Aberdeenshire Online School Payments

Document Type (10) Aberdeenshire Online School Payments.pdf


11 - Scottish Local Authority Business Loan Fund

Document Type (11) Scottish Local Authority Business Loans Fund rpt.pdf


12 - Capital Plan Prioritisation

Document Type (12) Capital Plan Prioritisation rpt.docx.pdf


13 - Capital Plan Programmes 2015/2016

Document Type (13) Capital Plan Programmes 2015-2016 rpt.pdf


14 - Contractor Selection

Document Type (14) Contractor Selection rpt.pdf


15 - Fraserburgh Heritage Centre Roof Repairs

Document Type (15) Fraserburgh Heritage Centre Roof rpt.pdf


16 - Surplus Property Policy

Document Type (16) Surplus Property Policy rpt.pdf


17 - Framework Agreement for Provision of Mainstream School Transport etc Services

Document Type (17) Framework Agreement for Provision of Mainstream School Transport etc Services rpt.doc.pdf


18 - Use of Delegated Powers to Procure the Supply and Installation of Electric Vehicle Rapid Charging Units etc

Document Type (18) Use of Delegated Powers by Officers to Procure the Supply and Installation of Electric Vehicle etc rpt.pdf


19 - Third Sector Interface (TSI) Liaison Arrangements

Document Type (19) Third Sector Interface (TSI) Liaison Arrangements rpt.pdf


20 - The Library Management System Procurement

Document Type (20) The Library Management System Procurement rpt.pdf


21 - Internal Audit

Document Type (21) Internal Audit - public.pdf


(EXEMPT) 22 - Internal Audit


(EXEMPT) 23 - Joint Equipment Service Stores Management System: Award of Contract


(EXEMPT) 24 - Review and Replacement of Environmental Health, Trading Standards and Estates Systems


(EXEMPT) 25 - Footways Slurry Sealing 2015/2016: Acceptance of Tender


(EXEMPT) 26 - Road Maintenance Velocity Patching: Use of Single Supplier


(EXEMPT) 27 - Property Maintenance Review


(EXEMPT) 28 - Muirfield Contracts in Administration


(EXEMPT) 29 - Stonehaven Care Home Post Project Review


(EXEMPT) 30 - New Offices at Buchan House, Peterhead: Additional Parking


(EXEMPT) 31 - Contracts for Social Care Services


(EXEMPT) 32 - Contract Award for Occupational Health Service


33(a) - Minute of Meeting of the Licensing Sub-Committee of 17 April, 2015.

Document Type (a) 17.04.15 Lic Sub-Com.pdf


33(b) - Minute of Special Meeting of the Licensing Sub-Committee of 30 April, 2015

Document Type (b) 30.04.15 Lic Sub-Com Special.pdf

Committee Chair and Vice Chair

Richard Thomson
Ellon and District
Committee Chair

Stephen Smith
Peterhead South and Cruden
Committee Vice Chair

Committee members

Alastair Bews
North Kincardine

Karen Clark
Scottish Liberal Democrat

Richard Cowling

Sandy Duncan
Turriff and District

Jim Gifford

Fergus Hood
East Garioch
Scottish Liberal Democrat

Paul Johnston
Democratic Independent and Green Group

Stuart Pratt

Norman Smith
Central Buchan
Aligned Independent

Brian Topping
Fraserburgh and District

Jill Webster

Substitute Members

Cllr Wendy Agnew, Cllr David Aitchison , Cllr Peter Argyle, Cllr Alan Buchan, Cllr Edie Chapman, Cllr John Cox, Cllr Isobel Davidson, Cllr Alison Evison, Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Bill Howatson, Cllr Rob Merson, Cllr Ian Mollison, Cllr Hamish Partridge, Cllr Bryan Stuart,

Policy and Resources Committee (from Jan 2007 to Jan 2017)